Bug? When using B4A Designer, IDE occasionally freezes


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Throughout my years of using B4X products, I have rarely if ever had an IDE crash or freeze on me, which is an amazing testimonial to Erel's work. However, starting with a few releases ago, I've occasionally encountered a situation where the B4A IDE totally freezes. I can move my cursor, but nothing responds, so I have to use Windows 10 Task Manager to close B4A and then reload my project. All I can say definitively is that it happens while I am doing something in Designer. There is no rhyme or reason to it that I've been able to see yet. It happens maybe once every few weeks of really heavy use, so it's not often. But it happens.

I'm running Windows 10, all the latest updates, and always the latest version of B4A. I'm quite certain it isn't something on my end, but rather a bug in B4A Designer. With each new release, I hope that the problem will have disappeared, but it hasn't.

I haven't found any threads discussing this yet, so I thought I'd start one here so that others who may have the same problem can weigh in. Maybe we can figure out what exactly triggers this and, if it's B4A, help Erel fix it.