Android Question Where is ScrollView2D Library


I am 2 days experienced on B4i and trying to execute some programs given along with trial version. While trying to execute the "SQLExample", I encountered an error that "ScrollView2D" library missing.

I could not find it on my system. Is is part of additional library? If so, from where can I download (free) additional libraries.

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Hi Shyam,
Yes i think its part of the Additional Library. Since im using it I downloaded.
You can search here and it will give you the library link and you need to download the Zip file into Additional Library folder.
After that you need to extract the file from ZIP folder and copy into the additional Library.

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I suppose that you are speaking about B4A and not B4i.
Additional libraries are available only for users having bought B4A.
There are other SQLite examples in my signature using no additional library.