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Online documentation: Basic4android - Android programming with Gui designer
There are three sections: tutorials index, libraries index and objects index.
New - German tutorials:

Internal help - Almost all of the documentation is available internally. It is mostly exposed when using the auto-complete feature. It is highly recommended to use it.
See the IDE tips tutorial.
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There seems to be lots of good documentation around. The best one I have found was thanks to a comment someone made in another post about "core". I typed "basic4android core" into google and that comes up with some links.

Basic4android - Core
Basic4android - Files (Core)
Basic4android - Drawing (Core)
Basic4android - Constants (Core)
Basic4android - Collections (Core)
Basic4android - Regular Expressions (Core)

and many more

Each of those links back to the main page:

Basic4android - Android programming with Gui designer

The links to the above are at the bottom of the main page, in the "Types" section.

This is an amazingly rich set of commands. :sign0087: