B4J Question Whither Scene Builder and JavaFX?


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What's going on with the future of Scene Builder and its implications for B4J? I'd like to understand the why of this, i.e. is JavaFX being deprecated, etc. I'm not enough of an Oracle insider to know what to expect.

A while ago I saw this: Bye Bye JavaFX Scene Builder, Welcome Gluon Scene Builder 8.0.0

I didn't think much of it, and at least it points us to a solution, if only for today and maybe 6 months from now. Beyond then...?

So my question is whether anyone knows why Oracle has made this move, and what might be behind it. I suppose it could be anything, perhaps even something innocuous to us as JavaFX developers and users. Is there anything to worry about? Any action to take?

In that short article linked above they ask:

"What does it mean for JavaFX developers and especially for beginners?"

And answer:

"no fear.. nothing at this stage :)"

Somehow that isn't entirely reassuring.

About the only other thing I've seen was Where is the JavaFX scene builder gone?

That also seemed a little disconcerting.

I'm not fear-mongering, I'd just like to know what might be going on. Does anyone know more about this?


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Been playing with the gluon version today, works fine with b4j. (Tried the jar not the windows installer version)
Just a few caveats.
You have to add the container to start, it doesn't open with an anchorpane like the old one.
You can't call it up from inside the ide, not a problem as you can leave it open along side it.(see ***)
You don't get the generate member functions for controls in the 'Designer' menu, but you can add them manually ie b1_MouseClicked(...) etc. (See ***)

B4j recognises the controls you add to the scene eg if you add a button b1 in gluon scene builder, you can add dim b1 as Button in globals an use it in your code.

Not tried renaming it to scenebuilder to see if IDE can use it then.

On plus side it looks much cleaner than original Scenebuilder, with it seems, more controls to play with.

***Just noticed since I d/loaded the gluon version, the IDE uses that if you I have it open.
Never occurred to me to look at the about to see which one it was using.
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