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Brian Robinson

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Why I loathe users... This is a review I received today:

Should get zero stars Does, not, work! "Zones" don't show up, and there's no way to type it in. Can't pay for parking. I should bill these people for my time wasted.

I have 3 ways where feedback can be left in the app. None were used. I had fixed the bug 1 hour after reading this review. 100's of hours spent developing, the app is free and this is the thanks you get, and worse still, if the clown had of bothered contacting me it would have been fixed within the hour. The problem is, these people assume there are teams of people developing these apps as their full time job (not sure how a company would survive when the app is free and no advertising), not just a single person doing this development in their own time as well as working full time, and being a dad and husband...

It is just disappointing...

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@Brian Robinson worst still are those that leave 1 star and NO feedback. At least you know that the bug he's complaining about is now fixed and can leave a comment to that effect. With no feedback what can we do? I don't know what some people expect!
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