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Discussion in 'Share Your Creations' started by derez, Nov 26, 2008.

  1. derez

    derez Expert Licensed User

    Updated to ver.2.9, see post below
    The application file includes compilations for QVGA, forced QVGA and desktop.
    The wav files are needed in the same directory.
    The source file includes the code, the smilies which are embedded and the icon.
    Put the manual in the same directory also.


    A chat and file transfer application, using WiFi ad-hoc connection between two devices (no need for internet connection).
    It is using the examples Erel gave in his network manual and in the forum.
    It can be used also between a desktop and a device - for developing and debugging.

    The zip has device, VGA device and desktop exe files, sounds (which I failed to include in an imagelist because they are notimages...:(). The user manual in English will follow in the next post.

    Enjoy, I'll appreciate comments.

    BTW - I used a progress bar for the file transfer but it slowed the transfer, so it was replaced by percentage in numbers.

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  2. derez

    derez Expert Licensed User

    User Manual

    The Manual for the Chat program ver 2.9

    Please join the two parts in Word, name the file "User Manual CHAT English.doc"

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  3. Erel

    Erel Administrator Staff Member Licensed User

    Thanks derez, I'm sure it will be helpful for other users. :sign0188:
  4. Mr_Gee

    Mr_Gee Active Member Licensed User

    It certainly will.

    Derez, will you also post the sbp/bas files?
  5. derez

    derez Expert Licensed User

    I have updated the first post to include the code :)
  6. Mr_Gee

    Mr_Gee Active Member Licensed User

    Great, thanks
  7. derez

    derez Expert Licensed User


    I updated the program in the first post to ver 2.7, same functionality but with nicer icons and 5 instead of 4.
  8. JOTHA

    JOTHA Well-Known Member Licensed User

    Hello derez,
    Your app doesn´t start beause a message says:
  9. derez

    derez Expert Licensed User

    Sorry, they are embedded, but required for compilation of the code.
    Here they are.

    In a short time I'll send the new version which enables chat and file delivery in a network of more than two participants.

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  10. derez

    derez Expert Licensed User

    Update to Version 2.9 - Multi user

    The application at the first post is updated.

    This version enables chat between many members on the same wi-fi network (no need to have internet connection), using text and smilies, and file transfer between any two members.

    It was checked with four devices together, one as Server and the others as clients.

    I attach also a user manual which can be read also on the device from the help menu.

    I'll appreciate bug reports , comments and improvements.

    Thanks to Erel, Agraham and many others in this wonderful forum.
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