Android Question Wi-Fi Network Disconnects???


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I have an application that is very similar to Erel's Walkie-Talkie example from years ago.

Multiple devices can connect via local Wi-Fi Network Sockets and transfer text with each other.

For me it works very well.

But a few people have said that the devices sometimes disconnect and need to be reconnected. I have not encountered this problem.

Years ago, in the 1980s on a UNIX system, I had this problem with a different application. My solution was to implement a heartbeat data transfer that had each device send a 0 byte to all connected devices once per second.

This worked.

I am thinking about doing the same, but I'm wondering what could be occurring, am I actually fixing the problem or just covering it up, …

Can anyone offer insight to why these disconnects are occurring? Why would devices disconnect? Is a heartbeat the answer or is there a better way?