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Hi all,
I am trying to combine the 2 excellent tutorials using wifi-direct and the walki-talki example into one, that is use wifi-direct to stream voice, however I cannot seem to get the audio to play on the other device. I upload the changes I made and if anyone could help I would appreciate it.


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First look - you don't have audiostream.startplaying
Add it after initialization of the audiostream.

Graeme Tacon

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I've recently downloaded Basic4Android, so sorry in advance for the stupid question!
I've downloaded these examples, but none of them will compile - I get the following error:

Parsing code. Error
Error parsing program.
Error description: Unknown type: wifimanager
Are you missing a library reference?
Occurred on line: 6
Private manager As WifiManager

Am I missing something ?


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Download the attached library. Unzip it and copy it to the libraries folder (the one you set under Tools - Configure Paths). Now right click on the libraries list and choose refresh.

Check WifiDirect.