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I've published an application I created using B4X for Android (phone, tablet, watch) and iOS. It's been a labor of love over the past 4 years. The application is relatively simple. The external simplicity does not reflect the internal complexity to make that happen. Anyway, it's free and pretty small.

Winch extraction can be a very dangerous, even deadly, task. Cables can break and cause great bodily damage. This application provides guidelines based on a few simple pieces of information; vehicle weight, incline of vehicle, number of wheels damaged/missing/stuck, winch capacity and finally the ground conditions. Once this information is entered the application uses public domain algorithms to determine the estimated Total Resistance. It shows single and double line pull for first 4 layers on the winch. The user can store the weight and winch capacity of their vehicle for future use. No internet connection is required.

The Wear Watch version presented a real challenge. Redesigned the UI for a very small, round screen that accommodates adult sized fingers. Instead of text entry fields I show staggered buttons that are easy to click and then a form to enter data into. So, if you have a Google Wear watch, give it a try.

Here's the link to Google Play Google Play Winch Calc. You'll have to search for winch calc on your apple device to install it. Appreciate feedback for the B4X community.

Here's a screen capture from Android device:



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My compliments for the target of your app.
People involved in such rescue will find it useful for sure.
I am not able to give you interesting feedback because I am totally out rescue job. :)
App seems to work OK.
Just one point:
in the title I have BC SCANNER and not WINCH CALC.