Windows 10 Free Upgrade is Rolling Out


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I had a new Asus T100 for my upcoming birthday... It runs on win 8.1 with Bing, should I expect to receive such a 'warning'?


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well the day is almost gone and no "lucky winner" message
Check your task bar, I've now got a new Windows flag icon appeared thats begging me to upgrade. "Get Windows 10, please install me :p"
The big question remains.... am I feeling lucky today???
I don't think so, not today anyway. I've not got the time to start restoring my system :eek:


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I got one of those notices on my Win7 Pro pc that I use as my main computer. I am going to wait as we have 1 year to upgrade for FREE. And from what I read, if you upgrade within the first year, it will be FREE forever. I don't know if that will be the standard edition though and then to upgrade it will cost you as there are rumored to be 10 different versions. :( My wife has Win 8.1 and I will use her pc as the beta tester. :) I also have a Win 8.1 pc from HP that I bought in a hurry a few years back to test one of my apps to make sure it worked on Windows 8. It is a plain Jane vanilla pc and I will turn it on and let it watch for the update message and use that too for a beta tester pc. I am not sure if the update works with reseller pc's (Dell, HP, etc) as opposed to home built pc's which is all I have with the exception of the hurriedly purchase HP Win 8 pc.

added: I like to keep one of every OS in a running condition for my own testing and work. I have Win95, Win98, XP, Vista, Win7, and Win 8.1 now. Every time I build a new pc the old one gets added to the network, with the exception of Win95 and Win98. Those last 2 don't ever get turned on anymore, but I keep them just in case. :)
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The release is 29 July 2015 ;)


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I got the Windows logo coming up on my Win8.1 PC today..


Release is 29 July 2015.


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I've been testing since December.

It's good enough now to be the only OS I'm using at home. I've still got Win7 on my work PC in the office, but that'll be changed on July 29.

It is perhaps not as 'comfortable' as Win7, but the speed improvements over Win7 are impressive enough to make the change a sensible one. I never use Cortana, but I now actually like the new start menu and the customisation it can allow. Also, the display scaling is improving all the time and this is important to me as my eyesight isn't what it once was. I use multiple screens and snapping is also improved which is a great help when developing.

The preview builds are still a little rough and I get the odd freeze - particularly with File Explorer - but I've not lost anything in six months of use on my main PC.

Working in PC retail means I need to keep up, but I never was enthusiastic about either Vista or Win8. I'm happy so far that Windows 10 is one of the good ones!