Windows Mobile Emulator: configuring data connections using GPRS

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    You will now configure the Windows Mobile Emulator so that you can use GPRS connection from the emulator.

    If you made a softreset of the device, then you have to execute this step, in order:
    • start the Cellular Emulator
    • go to Configuration tab, click on Reset button
    • start Windows Mobile Emulator
    • answer Yes to the question:

    obviously your COM port can be another one.

    If you simply closed the emulator and saved the session, then do this:
    • start the Cellular Emulator
    • start Windows Mobile Emulator
    • answer Yes to the question:

    obviously your COM port can be another one.

    Click on Start, then choose Settings,


    choose Connections folder,


    choose Connections icon,


    Now, tap on Add a new modem connection item,


    write down a name for the connection (I used Basic4PPC), then choose Cellular Line (GPRS).Click on Next.
    , because there is a similar item, without the (GPRS).


    In Access point name text field leave blank, then click on Next.


    Leave all fields blank, click on Finish.


    You'll see again the Settings window. You can close it.


    Now, you'll test the connection. In Windows Mobile Emulator, tap on Internet Explorer,


    After a while, you'll see a search bar.

    Write down something (I write: Basic4PPC), then click the Search button.
    In Cellular Emulator, Network Tab, Data Channels section, you'll see some activity in Received Data and Send Data. This means that all is ok.


    This is the result of the search on Bing mobile.


    From Cellular Emulator, you can always switch from 2G network to 3G network data transfer, simply clicking in Network tab Switch to 2G or Switch to 3G buttons.


    Now you can test your application and see how it works with SMS, calls, data connections.

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  2. moster67

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    nice :sign0098:
  3. MarcRB

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    gprs in emulator


    I can't get it work with these steps.
    Only the last steps (those on the emulated PDA) are succesfull.
    Then after the testing there is no connection possible.

    The first steps didn't work. probably they are essentinal to get it working.
    In my case after a softreset and even after a hardreset I did not got the question about "emulating the serial port" (first image)
    After the reset my device shows directly the MS Mobile desktop/today screen.

    What am I doing wrong?

    System data:
    * WM mobile emulator device : WM 6 prof - vga
    * OS behind emulator: Window 7

    Thans in advance,

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