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Hi, I've been trying to get the attached wireframe working correctly on tablets and phones. What somewhat works in tablets doesn't for phones (in mobile I get a vertical stretch and dissappearing elements that would be below)

As I understand from Erel's videos:
a) Anchors are relative to parent's item (be activity windows or panels)
b) I can use general script to somewhat correct / reposition by percentage and dips, again relative to other elements.

How do I initially set imageviewer size (based on actual image size / aspect ratio)?
How would you aproach the wireframe to design?
Does it make sense to have 3 panels and elements as childs as strategy?



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1. Don't use ScrollView. Use xCLV. It is easier to work with.

2. The way I would have done it is with three layout files: one for each box and another one for the main layout. You can use two variants in the main one or script to arrange the panels based on the screen size. The smaller layouts should be loaded to the two panels from the main layout.
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Thanks Erel. Tried to implement as adviced, image seems to work way better than before. I'm still stuck on the idea of variants, Currently I have "top" panel marked with auto anchors (widht, height).

How do I set a variant to use on mobiles? Buttons go missing, guess it is because of the variant is still missing.
On mobile I also saw that text gets cut if I use 50 pts, for example.


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