Wish Wish I knew which file I was editing!


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It's possible to have several B4A editors open at the same time, and that's very useful.
But very little information is provided about which project you are editing in each one.
The only thing I can find is the name of the B4A file in the window title.

So if you have several projects (for example backup copies of old versions of a project) which all have B4A files with the same name, and you have opened several in order to compare versions, it seems to be impossible to tell which file is showing in which window.

My wish is a menu option which shows the full path of the B4A file/project currently opened in the IDE.

Also it turns out you can open the same project in a number of windows, and edit each copy independently. This is undesirable in my opinion. I think it would be better if you could only open each project in one IDE at a time.

Thank you.
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Or the full path in the windows title...
Something like this: "B4A (Project Name)(Project Path)". (Keep the parentheses.)


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I have shortcuts to projects on the desktop. Often, after traversing here and there to check things,
I have returned to the desktop (with a minimized project) .. and started a second or even third instance of the same project (the same project path)
and made some code adjustment... only to go into panic mode when I realize this.

From memory VB would warn if the same Project ( sharing the same path, was reopened)