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Stefano Di Chiano

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I'm making an app with B4i using webviews. I had some issues with uploading it and I had to switch to WKWebViews, but I still have my build rejected because they say I'm still using WebViews.
In another thread Erel told me that in B4i v6.50 WKWebViews are treated like normal WebViews.
I was using B4i v5.81, so I updated it but it looks like the last version is v6.50.
So how can I solve the WebView issue?

Semen Matusovskiy

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Of course, webbrowser is able to display gif. svg and another image formats. But typically should be additional text, buttons etc. And here WKWebView is not very comfortable. In addition WKWebView obviously eats more resources than special library.

Somehow I posted
Guess, HHAnimatedGifView used the same github's library, but early version. In addition I doubt that it was compiled for all variants (32bit/64bit, Simulator/iPhone)
The size of HHAnimatedGifView in 3 times less than my libiGifView.a
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