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I've published on Android Market (Google Play) a new app SisMAC ST

App User manual:

Description from the market:
Work Requests Register and synchronize with a remote server


Main features:

- Save work requests (in spanish, Solicitud de Trabajo -ST-) SisMAC in internal database,
- The record may contain:
* Overview of work request,
* Other information (specific description) work,
* Equipment Location hierarchical reported,
* If available on your equipment, you can scan a bar code.
* Geographic location (GPS)
* Photos / videos that demonstrate the state of the equipment required to seek work,
- Synchronization STs registered with the remote server via WiFi or Internet
* Validation served STs (work order tracking -OT- generated by each ST)
* Qualification of work performed (after the closure of the OT is tested)
- Read / editing STs generated by state (not sent, pending, served)

App use mode:
- It requires a server with the System Maintenance SisMAC (download from installed,
- The user logs in the first time connection to the remote server (via WiFi or internet)
- The user must be registered in the system and have SisMAC access profile, a preconfigured,
- By logging, configuration data and locations / equipment enabled the user is downloading,
- The STs sent to the remote server (through the synchronization process) should be addressed by the respective users by generating one or more OTs in SisMAC system via a PC connected to the network (the SisMAC server).
- The registration of STs not require a permanent connection to access the remote server SisMAC; data is stored in the local database on the mobile device, and then be sent when available connection.
- SisMAC is a fully parametric software cmms / CAMM type which is used for management, scheduling and control of maintenance of all types of assets (more information on the site

Testing data:
The following access data correspond to a SQL Server database with information from a residential condominium facilities:
- URL:
- User: maggim
- Password: 12345

Totally free and ads free.

Please give it a look and let me your comments
Best Regards.


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