iOS Tutorial Workaround for strange pause during installation

In the last week or two I encountered a strange pause which happened during full installations.

There were two symptoms:
1. The installation paused for a few seconds after it started.
2. It took several seconds for the app.
This makes full installations much slower.

It is not exactly clear why it happens. When it did happen it happened on several devices. My guess is that it is related to the certificate validation with Apple servers.

There is a solution for this issue, it is a bit of "black magic" however it seems to work reliably.
The solution is to turn off wifi during installation and run the app.

Then close the app (which will complain about a missing wifi connection) and turn on wifi. From now on installations will be fast.

You can see it in this video. There is one step missing in the video (because the wifi connection broke) which is the step where the app is started.