wrapper for Snowboy: a hotword detection engine

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  1. Syd Wright

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    Could you explain this please? My experience so far is that the more hotwords are included the more the app will give false responses. I tried that yesterday with the TV sound at room level and Snowboy beeped on average every 5 minutes.

    PS: I have now started testing Snowboy in my app. I use the Snowboy hotword to trigger Google's speech recognition (SR). Example: "Alexia" ... Dong ... Google ding/dong ... -> Problem!
    SR now generates an error, probably because Snowboy is keeping the microphone occupied...

    I will apparently have to stop Snowboy immediately after recognizing the hotword and re-start it as soon as Google's SR is ready.

    Update: Indeed that is what was needed. First impressions: it is working great! I will however also have to suppress Snowboy while my app is talking, because that also causes false responses.
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  2. DonManfred

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    Most probably. It can not work if the lib does not listen.
  3. Syd Wright

    Syd Wright Active Member Licensed User

    Just to tell you that so far your library has not crashed after removing Ding.wav and Dong.wav. I had to also manually delete them from the File.DirDefaultExternal/Snowboy folder. Another reason for not using common folders because if I install the "Extreme" app my apps will start to ding-dong again :)

    I am now carefully examining all parts of my app where I need to stop or start Snowboy in order to set the microphone free for Google SR to use. This also involves adding Snowboy.stoprecording in the SR error handlers (in particular Error=5, Error=6 and Error=7).

    Finally, to be a nuisance again :), it would be nice to have a Snowboy.IsRecording parameter (in order not to unnecessarily start of stop snowboy), but first to question snowboy's recording status. Is that feasible?
  4. DonManfred

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    Ok, but no crash. At least this is ok ;-)
    The lib does not provide this feature. I just did the wrapper around it.
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  5. Syd Wright

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    OK! So far no problems with quickly switching between snowboy.startrecording and snowboy.stoprecording.
    The library handles this extremely fast and does not keep the microphone occupied, contrary to CMU Pocket Sphinx which takes ages to stop and start. So it's goodbye to Pocket Sphinx and hello to Snowboy! I am very happy.
    Thank you for your rapid replies.
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