Android Question Writing to Lollipop (5.1) External SD Card


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My customer is upgrading their five GT-N7000 (Samsung Galaxy Note 1) androids to the TAG-L22 (Huawei G3) androids. This moves the OS from Android 4.0.3 (Ice Cream Sandwich) to Android 5.1 (Lollipop).

My customers applications write data to the external SD card. However on Lollipop this write to SD Card is denied by default. I have read many of the references on this site and other sites on how to fix this. Most of the references suggest rooting the androids. My customer does not want this to rooting to be undertaken.

All of the programs have a manifest that looks line:

'This code will be applied to the manifest file during compilation.
'You do not need to modify it in most cases.
'See this link for for more information:
<uses-permission android:name="android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE"/>
<uses-permission android:name="android.permission.WRITE_MEDIA_STORAGE"/>
<uses-sdk android:minSdkVersion="21" />
<supports-screens android:largeScreens="true"
SetApplicationAttribute(android:icon, "@drawable/icon")
SetApplicationAttribute(android:label, "$LABEL$")
'End of default text.

This manifest has worked well with the ICS OS.
I acknowledge that their are many articles on this site and on also by googling. I have spent most of Sunday reviewing this problem and can't find any specific article that addresses my immediate issue.

Place can someone point me to the best article(s) that address this write to external SD on Lollipop for B4A programs.

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regards and thanks