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Hello everyone !
*Thank you Erel :)

A new AMAZING project is in the making!

The project is "XJobFinder"
XJobFinder will contain the following :

1- Submit a job offer
1-1 by Category
1-2 by Sub-Category
1-3 by Country and City
1-4 by Talent
1-5 Upload photos
1-6 Expected Salary

2- View offers and listings

2-1 by Category
2-2 by Sub-Category
2-3 by Country and City
2-4 by Talent
2-5 by Salary

3- Apply for a job
-- Found a job? you can apply by pressing apply and submit the following :
3-1 Full name
3-2 Email address
3-3 Phone number
3-4 Previous work
3-5 Desired Salary
3-6 Upload your CV

*Every user is able to comment or even write a review about any job listing
*Add a job to the favorites to view it for later
*Every user has a profile and it's fully Customizable
**The profile has : (User full name , email , country , date of birth , Profile photo , Current work)

*Users able to add each other as friends
*Private messaging between users

The main page will have ads, the ads are defined by the System Admin
The admin has a web application built in
Upon request by the users : the admin has a desktop application built in B4J
and able to manage users, ads, job listings , messages , comments and much more

The system is built in :
1- B4A
2- B4J (The Admin Back-end (System Admin))
3- JRDC2 (Web Service)
4- Microsoft SQL

The project will be released in : 07-02-2021 (dd-Mm-yyyy)

and of course the source for sale!! :)

The Source Code Price : 60$

fs-payment1 (1).png

*Once you send the payment you will receive an email from our partner FastSpring which contains the source codes.

----------------App Screen Shots-----------------

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Alot of people have requested a lower price for the pre release purchase.
So the price now is 60$

For a very limited time :)

Thank you all :)


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The source code has been released, we have sent the source codes to everyone that purchased.

If you did purchase it and didn't receive the source code link please send me a PM here or @ : [email protected]

Thank you,


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We have updated the System Admin, please use the same link to download the update :)