iOS Question xcode 7 B4i issue: itunes says there is binary problem

John Woodsmall

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I have gone thru all the steps for the new xcode7 (template, insert et. al.)
I was successful at uploading it to the store.
But, not it has been 24 hours since i did that and the site
says: "processing" and does not change.

The docs say that if this is so, then there is a binary problem with the app?

I have sent a request to them, but not answer yet.

Also when i compile the app locally with b4i, it goes to apple desktop computer, but tries to update the
app on the phone, but fails (it turns brown, then hangs).

John Woodsmall

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I called apple support and they said that they were having alot of calls from developers
on this matter! (as you would expect).
So they are to email me back with further info. I will keep you updated.
are others having the same problem as I am?
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