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Apple has made several changes in Xcode 9 and in iOS 11.

iOS 11

- Only supports 64 bit applications.
- Requires B4i v4.3+ to develop with iOS 11.
- Make sure that 64 bit is selected under Tools - Build Server - Server Settings.

Xcode 9

- Requires B4i v4.4+. If you are using an old version of B4i then you should install Xcode 8. It can be installed together with Xcode 9.
- The hosted builders are running Xcode 9.


- New permission is required to access the stored photos: https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/imedia-library-camera-and-videoview.46144/#content
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I submitted an app today that was build with ver 4.40 and with the 64-bit option and got the following iTunes message at submission-

The app previews and screenshots for the iPhone 5.8-Inch display won’t appear on the App Store because your binary wasn’t built with the iOS 11 SDK.

Any thoughts on what may have caused it?
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Has something changed with iOS11? I just did a 32 bit release build and ran it on an iPhone 6 with iOS 11.2.1 without any problems.

Or do you mean that when you submit it to the App Store it has to be a 64 bit build?

BTW.. I did the build using a local MAC Builder with Xcode 8. Wonder if that made a difference!
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