Android Question xCustomListView and XUI Views could not be added together

Muhamad Kamal

Licensed User
Hi there!

I have this problem when using xCustomListView and XUI Views together.
I have tried with both xCustomListView v1.67 built-in and also v1.68 (downloaded from this forum thread).

I am using xCustomListView to build a custom cardview list while XUI Views to use the ColorTemplate color picker dialog.

XUI Views version is v2.00, copied to the internal library folder.


XUI Views:

When I removed XUI Views my app didn't crash.

I'm using B4A v8.8.

My declaration is as usual:
Private lstPromo As CustomListView

Error crash:
java.lang.RuntimeException: java.lang.RuntimeException: Field lstpromo was declared with the wrong type.