Android Question XSpeechRecognizer Error: Unknown type: xspeechrecognizer


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I am trying to use
by Multiverse app

I tested it with two different phones, and the issue I get seems like I am missing a Library refference, can you help? (Example Code unchanged)

B4A Version: 8.50
Parsing code. Error
Error parsing program.
Error description: Unknown type: xspeechrecognizer
Are you missing a library reference?
Error occurred on line: 30 (Main)
Private Obj_speech As XSpeechRecognizer

It is not compiling....
Libraries in use are:
Core Version (Version 8,50)
JavaObject (Version 2.05)
Phone (version 2.50)

What other Lib should I have checked?


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Create a Folder Additional Libaries ( I have it in a folders with my B4A projects)

In the downloaded Zip .. Move the 2 files XSpeechRecognizer.jar & XSpeechRecognizer.xml to this new Folder

In the IDE Menu .. Tools > Configure Paths set the path to this new lib Folder

The Lib will then appear in the Library's tab for you to check and use. ( you might have to right click > Refresh )
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Thank you Mangojack!
Placing the Libraries in the additional folder library did it.
I already had that folder full of libraries, but for some reason I failed to see this one.

It is quite impresive, to see this working continually recognizing every word.
Thanks a lot to all involved in this one.
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