Games [XUI2D] Single Screen Tile Map Example / Hello World With Background

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    This example shows how to use X2TileMap to create a single screen game with tiles based background. This means that the background is never scrolled.

    To avoid drawing issues we want that the size of each tile will be a whole number and that each tile will be square shaped.

    This is done with:
    Dim TileSize As Int = Min(X2.MainBC.mWidth / TileMap.TilesPerRow, X2.MainBC.mHeight / TileMap.TilesPerColumn)
    TileMap.SetSingleTileDimensionsInBCPixels(TileSize, TileSize)
    Private Sub SetWorldCenter
    'The map size will not be identical to the screen size. This happens because the tile size in (bc) pixels needs to be a whole number.
       'So we need to update the world center and move the map to the center.
    End Sub
    Drawing a tiles map is done with:
    Public Sub Tick (GS As X2GameStep)
    Array("Tile Layer 1"), GS.DrawingTasks)
    End Sub

    Public Sub DrawingComplete
    End Sub
    The example is included in the examples pack.
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