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    I want to share simple currency calcuate Class. Sample in attachment.
    Maybe you use it in a project.

    Dim Yahoo As CurrencyConverter

    Loading all data from Yahoo

    Yahoo.USDallCurrencyList as Map

    (MyMap) {KRW=1181.594971, VND=22544.5, ......HKD=7.7528, ARS=13.34445}

    Public Sub Convert(FromCur As String, ToCur) As Double
    'Return = ToCur/FromCur
    'Exp: EUR / USD partiy is
    'Convert("USD", "EUR")=>> 1.1045

    Yahoo.Convert("USD","EUR")&" EUR")
    1 USD = 0.924556 EUR
    1 USD = 2.90915 TRY

    Public Sub ConvertCalculate(Money As Double,FromCur As String, ToCur) As Double
    'Return = Money * (ToCur/FromCur)
    'Exp: EUR / USD partiy is
    'Convert(100,"USD", "EUR")=>> 1104.5

    Public Sub getIsAllCurrencyListed As Boolean
    'All country currancies was listed and calculated.

    Public Sub getUSDallCurrencyList As Map
    'return All country currancies by MAP

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  2. Tayfur

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    I fixed bug.
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