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Hello, following at my first app, I derived another simple app tester (free always).

This application allows you to interface with a smart-relay Zelio provided Ethernet module connected to an access point.
After entering the IP address of the Ethernet module and the Zelio activated the connection is possible to read the internal registers of the smart-relay, in particular and those "writable" (called j1XT1, j2XT1, j3XT1 and j4XT1) 4x00016, 4x00017, 4x00018 and 4x00019 and those only "readable" (called O1XT1, o2XT1, o3XT1 and O4XT1) 4x00020 , 4x00021, 4x00022 and 4x00023 (written from within the program of Zelio in FBD).
The values are represented in the mode:
UINT => 16bits unsigned
INT => 16bits signed
HEXA => hexadecimal
BIN => 16bits represented in nibble (in groups of 4)
It is possible, by selecting the record to write a value (settable mode UINT) or with 16 switches one for each of the bits making up the same variable in BINARY mode.
Have been implemented some controls on the fields IP address, selection register to write and value set in this register.
The connection status is always available at the top right of the screen.
The vision of the video facilitates the understanding of the mode of operation in the use of the application