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Discussion in 'Game Development' started by melonZgz, May 22, 2018.

  1. melonZgz

    melonZgz Active Member Licensed User

    Yeah, I know I know, I should finish a game to start another, but it's like...


    I find that the most funny and challenging part of game making is starting a new game, new concepts, new effects... making prototypes is funny! (I've made LOTS of prototypes and only published three games :()

    And back on topic, it's a zombie killing game. That simple, there will be blood, destruction, cool physics and a lot of zombies to kill in infinite ways. Killing zombies is allways funny!
    This is what I've done (about one week of work, I had a lot of time last weekend)

    What I've accomplished: Projected trajectories, bullet trail effect (will change it), ragdoll physics, cool graphics...
    I still have to add a good particle system and a lot of elements to complete a prototype. Then, as allways, GUI work, a shop, different characters, different weapons...
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  2. ilan

    ilan Expert Licensed User

    Video is not working
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  3. melonZgz

    melonZgz Active Member Licensed User

    Ok, it should work now. I made it private by mistake...
  4. ilan

    ilan Expert Licensed User

    the graphics look really great. i am sure it has potential but the problem is that the concept is the same as your catapult game (or angry birds) and i think people are sick of those games BUT you can turn it to something new a fresh. maybe mix jump&run with angry birds style like the level is moving forward and zombies are coming to the player and he needs to shoot at them. this will limit the play of the player with time so he needs to react fast. it will make the game more fun in my opinion.

    anyway good luck :)

    btn. i am working on an app right now but then i am planning to make a game for ios and android (the same game) it will be a remake of an old game from the 80s but with different assets.
  5. melonZgz

    melonZgz Active Member Licensed User

    Yes, I know it's the same concept. But I have published three games, I'm very proud of all of them, but Catapult has a lot of downloads while the other ones have almost none, so I just wanted to get back to the same concept (this logic might be totally wrong, but who knows...)
    Anyway I'm still not sure about the concept, maybe I'll add some animations so the zombies can approach and kill you, or maybe add some puzzle elements...
    And this is not the game I'll launch next, first comes the ball game and the hill climb racing, so I still have time to do this.
  6. ilan

    ilan Expert Licensed User

    in my opinion, your hill climb game is your top creation. it looks really awesome. everything runs smooth and physics looks really perfect on the videos. and i really know how hard it is to create such a game.
  7. JonPM

    JonPM Well-Known Member Licensed User

    Awesome stuff. Do you do the graphics yourself?

    P.S. - I still play Angry Birds daily ;)
  8. melonZgz

    melonZgz Active Member Licensed User

    Yeah, you've made me think about it. I've allready done the hard part (terrain generation and rendering, car physics...), maybe I'll put it first in the queue
    Nope, I'm bat at creating graphics. I get graphics from different sources and modify them a lot until they match together and look how I like.
    P.S. Me too, I still like the idea of throwing things against things, I find it terribly funny!
  9. hookshy

    hookshy Well-Known Member Licensed User

    when are you going to realase ? looks great !
  10. melonZgz

    melonZgz Active Member Licensed User

    I'm sure it will take time. At the moment I'm developing other games (ball game and hill climb)
    First I'll launch ball game (it's about 90% done, so it will be the first), then the hill climb racing one, and it's a very big game, it will take a lot of time.
    I just started this to have fun, but now I can't put this at the top of the queue or I will never finish my other games!
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