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hello Aeric, buy 5$ coffee for you,I like your source code.When email me,pls attach a project list of your great work,if i like and need,cofee will never stop......
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hello, it would be possible to create a library for osmdroid 6+

Sorry, I don't understand what you mean. I don't use this library.
I need the osmdroid 6 or higher library with 4 I have rendering problems on the zoom of the geometries, there are problems with sdk higher than 27 for writing titles in memory etc.
I have already used the 4.1 library make a very advanced use, and therefore I would need the new library that exceeds the limits imposed by the old.
thanks bye
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Applies to JFX8Print How can you set the print margins without using the ShowPageSetupDialog.
JFX8Print always prints with a margin. I want to set the margin to 0.

I don't find the possibility to adjust the border anywhere.
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