Basic4android is the simplest and most powerful Rapid Application Development (RAD) tool available for the Android platform

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Steve Laming: "I would just like to say what a great job I think you've done on the product.
The IDE is great with contextual prompts, and the Designer is extremely useful.
Along with rapid response help on the forum, it's a pleasure to be involved with B4A, so thank you."

Morgan Matthews: "I downloaded the trial, completed the tutorials and purchased the Enterprise version within a few hours.
I’ve more progress with B4A in 3 hours than I have in 3 months with other Android IDEs."

Dylan Palmer: "I must say as a Visual Basic expert Basic4android is the best software purchase I've made in a long time.
Within an hour of installing I had a fully functional application running on both my phone and tablet.
I'd been working over 3 days on writing the same thing using more traditional Android programing tools and JAVA. It's definitely worth the investment."

Mark Stretch: "I love your product after weeks of struggling with Eclipse/Java and PhoneGap. We actually had a completed app in PhoneGap but the behaviour was quite different between devices and we could not fix it. I'm a .NET developer so the project is back on track. "

Bob Hodges: "I've been a Visual Basic developer for many years, painfully lamenting how the explosive Android platform is a Java-Only club. Then one day, I stumbled across Basic4Android, an Android app development product that lets you develop in a Visual Basic environment that actually compiles your app down to a true native Java APK distributable release file. Visual Basic developers have solid reason to rejoice - this thrilling product brings the RAD capabilities of Visual Basic to the Android platform and beats Java/Eclipse at its own game. - R. L. Hodges, MS.c"

Brad Larson: "I know java, been using Eclipse for around 6 months, and have created a couple of commercial apps.
Programming with java can be exhausting and very time consuming.
B4A is great for rapid development which means being first on the market."

Robert Brenner: "Basic4android is a MUST for those who wish to create their own phone apps in virtually no time. What is more, both, product support and the online community are outstanding when it comes to helping each other."

Basic4android Video
Basic4android Video


Version 1.80 is released!

See this link for more information.