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Welcome to the B4A Wiki

For anyone who has never used a Wiki or who feels like a B4A noobie, do not be shy about contributing. The worst that can happen if you post wrong information is that somebody else will correct it, and B4A has not been around long enough for any of us to be anything but noobies.

A page can be created using Wiki formatting commands or HTML code -- whichever you think is easier. Each page has an Edit tab. Click the Edit tab to see how the page is coded and/or to make changes/additions to the page.

One significant difference with HTML code on Wiki pages is that the HTML paragraph command is not needed. Just add a blank line before a new paragraph. Multiple blank lines in the Edit page will result in multiple blanks lines in the Wiki page, unlike HTML.

If you are not comfortable correcting or adding to the actual page, click on the Discussion page and click its Edit tab to leave a note about what you want to do and solicit comments.

When leaving a note on the Discussion page, please start with a title surrounded by two pairs of equal signs (as done for Editing Tips, below) and end with four ~ marks to sign and date your message. (Use the four ~ marks only on the Discussion page; we do not sign our work on the article page, though your name will show up in the History tab.)

Almost all of the information needed for this Wiki already exists in the B4A forums or in the B4A HelpViewer, but it is not organized, which is the goal of this Wiki. So a good place to start in creating a new page is to find the existing information and cut-and-paste it into the Wiki. This doesn't require any particular B4A expertise, but it does require a lot of people working on it if this is ever to be completed. So even if you just have time to create one new page, please do so.

Editing Tips

1. Any line which starts with one or more space characters is put into an indented box by Wiki, which may not be what you intended.

A legitimate use of indented boxes is to display code:

For i = 1 to 5
   Do something
   Do something else
   One more thing

While this can be a good way to display indented code, a cleaner way to indent just a line or two is to use the UL HTML codes:

    This is an indented line.

Again, you can click on the Edit tab to see the HTML code used above if you have registered to be a contributor to the Wiki.

2. Always click "Show preview" before "Save page". If you see an error after saving the page, you can always correct it, but that clutters up the page's History. It is better to preview the page and save it when you are sure it is correct.


When you click to Preview or Save a page you have created/changed, it is possible to get a random error from the Wiki software. This problem is believed to have been fixed, but to avoid losing all your work, copy it (click and drag to highlight the text and press Ctrl-C) so that if the worst happens, you can send the text to Erel (click on his name in the B4A forums) by email or private message so that he can try to determine the problem.


Contributors to this Wiki have been given permission to use text from the B4A forums without accreditation; however, when a post in the forums has significantly more information than is being used in the Wiki, a link to the thread/post would be appropriate.

The format for an external link is a single left square bracket, the URL, a space, the text to appear on the page for the link, then a single right square bracket.

Example: "See the B4A tutorials for more information."

When mentioning a B4A feature or command, etc., which is explained in more detail elsewhere in the Wiki, put two left square brackets, the page name, optionally a vertical bar followed by text to appear instead of the page name, then two right square brackets.

Example: "B4A's visual Layout Designer makes creating layouts much easier."