The Bitwise library includes bitwise operations like: AND, OR, XOR and Complement (NOT).
Also included in the Bitwise library are:

Each of the above methods (except of StringToBytes and BytesToString) includes two versions, the first is for working with signed values (Int32 values) and the second is for working with unsigned values (UInt32 values).
For example, XOR is for signed values and XOR2 is for unsigned values.
Before using these features you need to add a reference to Bitwise.dll, add a Bitwise object and initialize it using New1.

'First add a Bitwise object named bit.
Sub Globals

End Sub

Sub App_Start
      msgbox(bit.XOR (123,32))
      a = bit.AND(255,15)
      if bit.OR(a,25) = 31 then msgbox("a = " & a)
End Sub