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For large databases it is recommended to use the SQL library combined with a Table control as needed.
Database applications use the Table control.
The Table control stores data in rows (records).
If you do not want to show the table directly, then change its Visible property to false and use the table only to access the data.
Each row consists of several columns.
Rows are accessed by their index (starting from 0) and columns are accessed by there names.
Each column can store either string data or numbers only.
To access a specific cell use Table.Cell (Column Name, Row Index)
To sort the data use TableSort.
To filter the data use the Filter method.
Filtering does not delete any rows; but it hides all the rows that do not match the filter expression.
ColName property returns the name of the column in the specified index and allows iterating through all columns in an easy way.
Data can be saved to and loaded from files either as XML data or CSV (Comma Separated Values).
XML files store the columns types as well as the data.
XML files are bigger than CSV files and take longer to load / save.
CSV files store only the data.
CaseSensitve property determines if string comparison (filtering and sorting) is case sensitive or not. Default is not.