Data Types
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Some external libraries expect variables of a specific type.
If this is a regular variable (not array) Basic4ppc will automatically convert the variable to the right type.
This is not the case when working with arrays.
In order to avoid the performance loss of converting many items Basic4ppc will not convert arrays.
When you declare an array you can declare it as an array of a specific data type.
These are the available data types:

Name               Description                             Range
·    Byte           8-bit unsigned integer             0 - 255
·    Int16          16-bit signed integer               -32768 - 32767
·    Int32          32-bit signed  integer              -2,147,483,648 - 2,147,483,647
·    Int64          64-bit signer integer                -9e18 - 9e18
·    Single        32-bit floating point                -3.4e38 - 3.4e38
·    Double      64-bit floating point                -1.79e308 - 1.79e308
·    Boolean     8-bit boolean value                 True, False
·    Decimal     96-bit integer value                 -79e27 - 79e27
·    Char          A Unicode character
·    String        

Basic4ppc intrinsic types Number and Integer correspond to Double and Int32 respectively.