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Runs an application after one of the following events:
evIRDiscovered - The device discovered a server by using the IR communications.
evNetConnected - The device connected to a network.
evNetDisconnected - The device disconnected from a network.
evNone - Removes all registrations for this application.
evOffACPower - The user turned the AC power off.
evOnACPower - The user turned the AC power on.
evRestoreEnd - A full data restore was completed.
evRS232Detected - An RS232 connection was made.
evSyncEnd - Data synchronization finished.
evTimeChanged - System time was changed.
evTimeZoneChanged - Time zone was changed.
evWakeUp - The device was turned on.
Syntax: RunAppAtEvent (AppName As String, Event As Int32)

Some devices do not turn their screen on if the device was off at the wake time.
You can use ScreenOn in the target application to turn the screen on.

Hardware1.RunAppAtEvent(AppPath & "\MyApp.exe", Hardware1.evWakeup) 'MyApp will be launched each time the device is turned on