24hour time input

  1. SayCheese

    Android Question Preferencesdialog v1.70 24hour time bug?

    I'm using the time type and 24hour option in the b4xpreferencesdialog library. I noticed that a 13:00 time in a map is converted to 1:00 in the preferencesdialog. After that the time can be set to 13:00 and is it stored as 13:00. After opening the preferencesdialog again the time is set back to...
  2. SayCheese

    Android Question Preferencesdialog time input

    Is it possible to change the input timeformat from 12 hours to 24 hour in the bxpreferencedialog? (so without the AM/PM). Or perhaps even better, is it possible to have a time dialog/template like the datedialog-template to have some customization?