7 segment

  1. moty22

    Share My Creation LED Egg Timer

    Seven segments LED display, Arduino Uno or Nano egg timer. Seconds displayed, minutes are set by buttons. Also buttons for start and stop, pressing together MIN and MINx10 resets the display. Alarm at the end of count down switches on a 5VDC buzzer or a LED. The code multiplexes the 4 digits at...
  2. rtek1000

    Android Question How to read segment display?

    Hello, I would like to read the display of my digital multimeter, I found an App "Yomzo" that uses "OpenCV Manager", does anyone know how to read segment display? The App: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=jp.gr.java_conf.coskx.ddreader2.trial The OpenCV Manager...