1. R

    Android Question Can I update to a newer version of SQLCipher?

    Currently using SQLCipher 1.6, which uses SQLite version 3.25.2 and was compiled 25/Sep/2018. According the .xml file (SQLCipher.xml) SQLCipher depends on the .aar file android-database-sqlcipher-4.0.0.aar. Now I have newer versions of the SQLCipher .aar file, that is...
  2. C

    Make an example app in B4A combined with a AAR file

    Hi fellow programmers, I am not experienced with Java and want to integrate a third party AAR/SDK into an B4A Project. I will provide you with the aar file and the full documentation for this third party aar. Can somebody help me and is intrested in doing this project? Greetings Chris
  3. Randy Younger

    Android Question After Updating to B4A 10.9 from 10.6 I can't Compile Any Program with Exoplayer Included

    I am using Exoplayer and when I try to compile projects that use it I get the following: B4A Version: 10.90 Parsing code. (0.26s) Java Version: 11 Building folders structure. (0.15s) Compiling code. (0.41s) Compiling layouts code. (0.04s) Organizing libraries. (0.03s) (AndroidX SDK) Compiling...