abmaterial 5.0

  1. mmieher

    B4J Question [SOLVED] ABMaterial Stuck On WAIT Indicator in Everything

    I guess I am such a noob. All was terrific after several hours of starting with a clean slate Take 3. The "WAIT" indicator is either a pulsating phone or a spinning multi-colored pinwheel. First, myApp started to intermittently hang on the pinwheel indicator. Cleared my Chrome cache but that...
  2. P

    B4J Question ABMaterial 5.0 - ABMPageId

    Good day, Upgraded the ABM 5.0. Every time the page websocket_connected is called, it generates a new ABMPageId as opposed to the same pageid ABMPageId = ABM.GetPageID(page, Name,ws) LOG pagemap (MyMap) {one=, frmHome=frmHomeeb55e2b8-d63d-4553-bf9e-5336d098e466} ABMPageid...