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  1. energypf

    Android Question Problem retrieving imported data saved with File.DirRootExternal with API 30

    Hello, I have developed an App that saves patient medical reports in a folder outside the app. Example: "/storage/emulated/0/appname/report.pdf". Having ascertained that with the new versions it is no longer possible to use this function, I would like to understand how to release the new version...
  2. S

    Android Question Error:Access to the path 'C:\Users\saeed\Dropbox\My_Android_PROG_NEW\MyClock\Objects\classes.dex' is denied.

    When I compile program it gives the error Access to the path 'C:\Users\saeed\Dropbox\My_Android_PROG_NEW\MyClock\Objects\classes.dex' is denied. I try to restart computer same error I try to previously complied without error same error is coming please help me. I do not know but I try to install...
  3. P

    Android Question Unpacked Legacy Support Access Denied

    Hi everyone, I've come across an issue I am unable to resolve, when I try to compile my B4A app I get this: Access to the path 'c:\program files\android\tools\..\extras\b4a_remote\androidx\legacy\legacy-support-v4\1.0.0\unpacked-legacy-support-v4-1.0.0' is denied. I've gone through the file...