1. ewest

    B4J Question LDAP Active Directory

    Hi, I need to make a B4J program and I need to check if an user exists in Windows Active Directory and if its password is correct. How can I do it? Thanks in advance for your help.
  2. SinaDeveloper

    Admob income

    Hello I am building a browser with b4a for Android and b4j for Windows. I really don't know if it will be profitable to use Admob ads or to add vip subscription! That's why I ask a few questions, please answer them: 1- In addition to Android, will it be possible to use AdMob in b4j? 2- Can I...
  3. BugNot

    Android Question InterstitialAd Disable back button

    Hello, I've problem with back button... When an admob Interstitial ad is displayed, if you press the back button, you can close the ad before the ad countdown ends. I tried with a timer but the activity pauses and the timer does not work. How do I fix this? Thank you
  4. M

    Android Question AdMob Stop sending ads

    hi, i recently used admob. I created one Native ad, it started working some days ago. Today i created other two native ads, after that i stopped receving the ads, even the first one i created some days ago (the event doen't trigger..) It is normal? is an admob behaviour? Thanks!

    Android Question make admob Native ads

    Hello friends:) I'm going to set AdMob Native ads in my app. These ads must be displayed after each panel in the scroll but only at the end of the scroll is displayed:( where is the problem ? please guide me;) Thank you #Region Activity Attributes #FullScreen: False #IncludeTitle...
  6. Xandoca

    B4J Question Authenticate user and getting groups from MSAD

    Hi, I need to build a very simple document repository app (users can download and upload files). The point here is how to integrate B4J app with MSAD (Microsoft Activity Directory) to authenticate users and get the groups the user belong? Only authenticated users from a group X can...
  7. Multiverse app

    Best paying AdMob Alternatives?

    For last 6 months, I am seeing very low RPM. No matter how many page views I get, Estimated earnings are low. What are the best (and trusted) AdMob alternatives you know?