adaptive icon

  1. D

    Android Question Icon Error - ic_launcher_round not found

    I used this tool to create my icon: Easy App Icon As suggested by this post: Everything went smoothly, but when I try and compile my app I get this error: Linking resources Error...
  2. mcqueccu

    Android Question B4A v10.7 beta Linking resources error

    I was trying to Set Adaptive Icon using icons from easyappicon but its longer working with v10.7 beta. When I add #AdditionalRes: ../icon then I get the following error. But when I reverted to v10.60 everything works fine B4A Version: 10.70 BETA #1 Parsing code. (0.00s) Java Version...
  3. Livio F

    Android Question Exception Resource ID # 0x7f030016 when using the adaptive icon x appcompat [Solved]

    The project is with APPCOMPAT. After including the icon adaptive to the project in the manifest, it stopped working. I searched the forum, but I found nothing. java.lang.RuntimeException: Unable to start activity ComponentInfo{b4a.example.second/b4a.example.second.main}...
  4. I

    Android Question How to convert existing app icon to adaptive icon?

    I have an existing app that needs to be updated to support Adaptive Icons. I have the launcher icons currently in HDPI to XXXHDPI resolutions. What should I do to make the current icon look adaptive in Android 8.x (as in have a border around the icon so that it does not look out of place with...