1. maxh2815

    Android Question AdColony always returns OnRequestNotFilled

    Hi, I setup a project which uses adcolony to display ads. I use Pendrush's library to achieve this. My code is the same as in his example. It worked a few times, but now whenever I try and get an ad the OnRequestNotFilled event is always fired and an ad is never returned. Is there a common...
  2. P

    B4A Library AdColony Library

    Original library: Based on AdColony Library v4.6.5 (21 October 2021). Banner, Interstitial and Rewarded Interstitial. For Interstitial Ad and for Rewarded Interstitial Ad you need to add this in your manifest: AddApplicationText(<activity...

    Android Question AdColony advertising library

    Hello friends:) Which is the best and new " AdColony advertising library " for b4a ?

    Android Question Admob Mediation With Adcolony

    Hey guys :) I want to use the Mediation service on Google with adcolony ads. I've done all the steps in the adcolony service (add app and get cod and ......) and I've also done all the steps in the Google service ( make mediation...