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    iOS Question [B4X] Get the label from an TextItem of a CustomListView

    Hi everyone, it is possibile to get a reference of the label used for the "TextItem" of a CustomListView? i wish to change the backgroud color of the label, text size, round the corners etc.. I know that there is the .DesignerLabel method, but if i try to change color it does not work Thanks...
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    Android Question problem with xCustomListView.AddTextItem

    Hello, I´m new to B4A. I try to use xCustomListView and fail to add items. I want to use xCustomListView because of it´s customizability (e.g. possibility to set size of font/text,...) I´ve checked: The library is loaded (xCustomListView version 1.63) the view "clvList1" is drawn in the...