admob video rewards

  1. P

    Android Question Rewarded ads created and tested yesterday. Yesterday worked today do not

    Edited: Solved. After a few hours everything works again. And in both apps. And I did nothing. Hello, I have implemented rewarded video ads yesterday in two of my apps that already had interstitial and banner ads working fron long time. I used the test code: rewardAd.LoadAd...
  2. ibkme

    Android Question how to mute ads on my app using this code from google [MobileAds.setAppMuted(true);] ??

    Hello, I want a way to mute Admob ads, ((Video reward ads, and Interstitial ads...etc)) on my app. I read this topic from Google: , but I don't know how to integrate this code into my own application using Android Studio. Is there...