1. Jack Cole

    B4A Class AdsHelperFromStarter - AdsHelper for Traditional B4A Apps & More

    I wanted to share an update that I have made to the AdsHelper extension class. The example app loads AdsHelperFromStarter through the starter service. The reason that this matters, is that it can load App Open, Rewarded Interstitial and Rewarded Video ads when the app starts. The ads can then...
  2. Hadi57

    Android Code Snippet How to increase your Consent Rate for your GDPR CMP in Google funding Choices

    Hi Friends, As you maybe know Google can completely turn off your Ads, if EU users do not consent in GDPR CMP pop-up and there is no working solution for that. But there are some strategies that I use for increase Consent Rate that lead to show/serve more Ads and increase Monetization. Please...