1. KMatle

    B4R Tutorial [B4x]: Exchange AES-256 encrypted messages between ESP32 and B4x

    This is about how to exchange AES256 encrypted messages incl. generated IV (initialization vector) between a ESP32 and B4x. Notes: - the ESP uses AES/CBC/NoPadding. The data must be padded (must have a length which is a multiple of 16). I've used a length of 256 to to get there (instead of...
  2. KMatle

    B4R Tutorial ESP32: AES-256 with IV (CBC, PKCSNoPadding) example via Inline C

    Finally I got it working. Maybe the Inline C code is not that elegant :) I was too lazy to add a Salt (which I will update later). Hardest part (for me as I don't like C since the 90ies) was to exchange the data between B4R Main and the Inline C. However: I got it. Note: As PKCSNoPadding ist...
  3. KMatle

    Wish ESP32: AES & RSA encryption (C code attached)

    I've found examples in C but I'm not experienced with inline C. Could someone adapt these examples to usable inline code? RSA AES...
  4. OliverA

    B4A Class [B4A/B4J] LockBox3 (Delphi) AES ECB/CBC encrypting / decrypting

    This class can be used decrypt data created with LockBox3 and encrypt data that will be properly handled by LockBox3. LockBox3 is an encryption/decryption library for Delphi. There are actually three classes, LB3AES, LB3AESECB and LB3AESCBC. The only class that is used to instantiate an object...