1. M

    iOS Question Button with image/icon and text aligned correctly

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to achieve this result for a button I tried by using ButtonAttributeText and MaterialIcons but the result is this arrow and text should be horizontally aligned... (bigger is the MaterialIcon character, and more evident the offset became) So I tried using an...
  2. MegatenFreak

    B4J Question Making CheckBox text appear on its left side

    Hello. I'm having checkboxes with Farsi text which is a right-to-left language. So, naturally, a checkbox should appear on the right side of its text, and everything must be aligned to the right. I've been playing around with CSSUtils and direct style properties without success. Can anyone...
  3. MegatenFreak

    B4J Question Help right-aligning combo box items

    Hello everyone. I'm having a really hard time making this work. I have a combo box and I need to align all of the entries to the right of the dropdown list. I've searched the forum and tried different things without luck: 1. Using CSSUtils: CSSUtils.SetStyleProperty(CBOX_ProductType...