android 10+

  1. king_mkv

    Android Question make foreground app

    Hi everyone. I'm new in b4a and want to make an app (a bot for an Online game) to request to the game server every 5 minutes. I did it with Python and run with Termux with WakeLock but I can't do it in b4a. are there any solutions for me? I know I should use services and I do! but I'm using...
  2. SinaDeveloper

    Android Question Splash screen in Android 12

    Hello How can I make my b4a splash screen compatible with Android 12? As you know, there is a mandatory splash in Android 12 that displays the program icon in a small form and after a few seconds the program starts. This has caused my app to have two splashes on Android 12! Here is how to...
  3. S

    Android Question How to use createRequestRoleIntent for android 10+

    Hi For change default dialer from android 10 must use RoleManager.createRequestRoleIntent(String) with RoleManager.ROLE_DIALER instead. The full description of the use in Google Docs is given in the following link ...