android sdk

  1. HassanProgrammer

    Android Question Using sdk of Android operating system inside the application

    I am building an application that will allow the user to create an application for his friend's birthday without programming and with his own phone. Now I want to put a b4a source in my DirAssets application and sign it on my phone using my Android SDK. How can I do that? I've done this before...
  2. ibkme

    Android Question how to mute ads on my app using this code from google [MobileAds.setAppMuted(true);] ??

    Hello, I want a way to mute Admob ads, ((Video reward ads, and Interstitial ads...etc)) on my app. I read this topic from Google: , but I don't know how to integrate this code into my own application using Android Studio. Is there...
  3. L

    Android Question Generating R File Error: Error retrieving parent for item

    Hi, I test compile my program then found this error while compiling: But this is the error when using the Dark theme (Modify Manifest file). This is the error when using the Light theme (Default). Also, You can see it's the same error. And I already install Java JDK 8 and Android 10.0 (Q) SDK...
  4. eSolution

    Bug? Problems with Android SDK installed with V7.8 SDK Manager?

    I updated to B4A v7.80 on my laptop and I deleted my Android SDK that was installed with Android Studio and I installed a new one as explained in the SDK Manager thread (using the SDK Manager from B4A). Now B4A can't compile my old apps because it can't find the Appcompat styles. I installed...