1. H

    Android Question Error Google Play API 31 broadcast receiver Filter Intent

    Hello. When I changed the targetSdkVersion to work with api 31, I started to show the following message when I did the Uploading the app to Google Play: You've uploaded an APK or Android App Bundle that has an activity, activity alias, service, or broadcast receiver with an intent filter, but...
  2. gainax00

    Spanish android:exported Dónde colocar

    Hola a todos de nuevo!!! con la novedad de que mis App's ahora no pueden subir a la googleplay sin actualizar a api nivel 31 al pasar la App a ese nivel "31" suceden 2 cosas en B4A v 10.90 compila y todo en versión Api 30 y 31 pero google marca: Subiste un APK o Android App Bundle que tiene...
  3. B

    Android Question start service in a second app with intent

    The first code was OK, since android:targetSdkVersion="26" Error: Service Intent must be explicit... With the others there is no reaction in the Provider APP Requester App: Dim in As Intent in.Initialize("","") 'in.SetComponent("")...